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Product Roadmap

Single starting point, countless destinations.
It's good that we have a journey plan.


Proof of Concept

Back then, as software engineers, our professional daily routine was related a lot to API integrations. So we thought why not try making this experience more joyful? And we did it.


Architecture, Microservices, APIs, CI/CD

Security, usability, scalability and maintainability. By design. We spent a good amount of time to achieve this.

'24 Q1

Beta Release

And now it's the first real users' time, and we are absolutely thrilled to see their first shaky moves and support them.
This release includes API Touchpoints management.

'24 Q2

Public Release

This is definitely one of the most important milestones of this year. We are looking forward to it.
Users will be able to try out the first paid feature 'API Frontstage'.

Major Release
'24 Q3

API Teams

This release will allow users to collaborate on API specifications and customer journeys, invite other organisations and share information publicly.

'24 Q4+

API Backstage

This feature brings more context to every API Service, allowing users to drill down from the API operation level to the lower levels like requirements, source code, monitoring etc., linking this all together, providing insights and emerging value.

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